For our first blog entry, we would like to share the best blogs for ideas on where to go for spectacular landscape photography locations, hikes, and backpacking trips.

Three blogs are the creme de la creme:

1. Hike Bike Travel: Leigh McAdam's world-class blog on her travels. Her major focus is Canada, but she also has toured extensively in the USA and Europe. The posts are very detailed with many outstanding photos, and they focus on the best places, the best trails, the best places to stay....

2. The Big Outside: Michael Lanza has hiked, backpacked and toured some of the most spectacular locations in the western USA. His blog provides truly outstanding intel on the best locations, the best campgrounds, the best trails,.....

3. Outdoor Project: Dozens of contributors share their adventures, hike and trip reports, photography, and highlight the best campsites, cabins, parks, and adventures. Outstanding.

Other great blogs that we follow in feedly:

• Another Walk in the Park: Meghan does very informative posts about her hikes. Most of Meghan's posts cover the western USA, with particular focus on Utah. We discovered the spectacular Red Cliffs Conservation area by reading her posts.

• Andrew Skurka: Andrew's blog primarily highlights multi-day backpacking trips all over the world, as well as gear reviews and backpacking how-to's.

• Best Hike: Their tagline says it: The best hike, treks, and tramps in the world. True that.

• Hiking with Barry: Barry Taylor's hiking and trip reports, with focus on western Canada.

• Live and Let Hike: Excellent trip and trail reports for Utah, Colorado, Virginia, and beyond.

• Explor8ion: Vern Dewit's very excellent online journal of his hiking, backpacking, climbing, and other adventures, primarily in the Canadian Rockies.

• Out There with Tom: Tom Kotynski shares his weekend adventures and hikes, with focus on Montana.

• Parks Blogger Ontario: Excellent resource for Ontario parks, hikes, and destinations, and a few gear reviews to boot (get it?).

• The Hiking Life: Photos and trekking notes from 140 of the world's greatest hikes, along with "how-to" articles on lightweight backpacking

• The Trek Planner: Excellent resource for hikes in the western USA.

• Meanderthals Hiking Blog: A series of trip reports for the best hikes in western North Carolina.

• CNY Hiking: THE resource for hiking trail info in the Adirondacks in particular and New York state in general. More a trip and trail website, not so much a blog.

We follow about 40 additional blogs, but these are the best. An excellent online hiking, backpacking, and destination magazine is TrailGroove. For our next blog post, we'll share some of our favorite landscape photographer websites.

Jeff and Kathy

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